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Anti-cellulite treatments

Anti-cellulite care

Factors that cause cellulite

  • genetic
  • hormonal
  • circulatory
  • stress
  • low physical activity
  • improper diet

Poor circulation, cellulite, unhealthy skin color and water retention are problems that occur when excessive body acidity becomes apparent. Stress, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity and environmental pollution can be the cause of these problems.

That is why in our studio we have created a unique combination of treatments to extract waste products from our body and support the detoxification process.

However, obviously volume reduction is not the only benefit you get from this treatment

  • fluid deposits in the tissue are reduced
  • the skin looks and is firmer after weight loss or pregnancy
  • micro and lymphatic circulation is stimulated

Anti-cellulite treatments

No more hiding. Anti-cellulite treatments! Today is the day when miracles happen!

  1. Drainage peel of body mask*
  2. Algae and sea mud *
  3. Lipolit cecropia concentrate *
  4. Grapefruit cecropia *
  5. Cinnamon AHA cream forte *
  6. Gypsum mask treatment *
  7. Mud peeling *
  8. Seaweed mud *
  9. Anti-cellulite massage *
  10. Ultrasound * (In anti-cellulite therapy)
  11. Aqua detox
  1. Radio frequency
  2. Infrared sauna

The basic prerequisite for successful cellulite removal:

  • physical activity
  • as high fluid intake as possible
  • regular and continuous use of quality anti-cellulite preparations and treatments
  • proper nutrition

Nutrition tips:

  • Consume sweets, nicotine and alcohol in moderation, or better yet avoid them. Do not eat foods that contain additives such as preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, food bleach...)
  • Eat moderate amounts of fat. Heated and boiled fats are especially harmful. Keep food as fresh as possible.
  • Drink 2 to 3 liters of fluid a day, in the form of water, teas and whey.
  • Drink only natural, or better yet freshly squeezed juices.
  • Prepare food in a natural way.
  • Reduce your coffee intake. For a liter of coffee, your body needs about a liter of water for detoxification. Eat foods rich in vitamin C (not just oranges) because it strengthens connective tissue. To activate metabolism, eat products rich in enzymes - eg. pineapple, papaya, celery, beetroot ...

Price list

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Anti-cellulite treatments
Drainage peel of body mask + maderotherapy
55.00 €
1.30 h 55.00 €
Vacuum massage + maderotherapy
50.00 €
1.30 h 50.00 €
HOT 15.00 €
15 min HOT 15.00 €
Aqua detox
20.00 €
30 min 20.00 €
Anti-cellulite massage
35.00 €
45 min 35.00 €
Anti-cellulite maderotherapy
25.00 €
30 min 25.00 €
Anti-cellulite maderotherapy
35.00 €
50 min 35.00 €