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The method of using plant essential oils with the aim of renewing (skin rejuvenation), relaxation of body and mind and refreshment. Baths and massages use the benefits of essential oils obtained from the leaves, flowers, fruits and roots of medicinal plants, the choice of which depends on the individual needs of clients. Aroma massage is recommended for skin firming treatments and is especially effective in combating stress, internal restlessness and bad mood because it affects the balance of the person undergoing treatment.

Get lost for a moment in a world of fragrant herbs, trees, flowers and a relaxing massage. Find soothing beauty in this unique method that harmonizes the well-being of essential oils with anti-stress massage.

Essential oils in plants are present in very small quantities and are found in various parts of the plant in the form of tiny droplets (in flowers, leaves, twigs, stems, roots, fruits, trees and bark.). They protect the plant from diseases and parasites, and at the same time attract insects that pollinate the plant. They are sensitive to light and heat and should be stored in sealed dark glass bottles, away from heat sources. Do not buy oils exposed to the sun, or those in transparent and plastic bottles. Essential oils are taken into the body in two
ways; airways and through the skin.

Pure essential oils cannot and must not be applied directly to the skin. Essential oils are burning and strong hyperemics that extremely increase blood flow at the micro level. Applications of pure essential oils directly on the skin can cause burns and skin injuries, which is contrary to the goals of aromatherapy.

Essential oils

When the first drop of essential oils enters your life, the journey into new romantic dimensions begins ...

We use aromatherapy for

  • calming down
  • refreshing the space we are staying in
  • excretion of toxins from the body through sweating
  • strengthening odor systems
  • breaking down clusters of fat cells
  • skin compaction-thickening

Fill a bowl of scented lamp with water and add a total of 5-10 drops of essential oils. Light a candle underneath and ... enjoy ... All essential oils are suitable for use in a scented lamp (make sure there is always water in the scented lamp!). Melissa, bergamot and lavender are extremely anti-stress.

In the work rooms, use lemon, mint, eucalyptus, basil, rosemary for better concentration and easier endurance of effort. And in areas where a lot of people gather (shops, celebrations, family gatherings) mandarin and geranium for harmonization and good mood.


It is an indescribable pleasure to create your own cosmetic product, 100% natural. Follow this ratio: in 50 ml of pure vegetable oil add a total of 25 drops of one or more essential oils (almond, St. John's wort, avocado, sesame, carrot, etc.) are necessary because they allow essential oils to enter the body through the pores on the skin.


To prepare the aroma compresses, fill a shallow bowl with water of a pleasant temperature and add 1-2 drops of essential oil. Stir in the water to distribute the essential oil evenly over the surface, and immerse the folded handkerchief or cloth. Apply the prepared compress on the skin to stand for 15-30 minutes.

A wide range of essential oils is also suitable for compresses - depending on the indication.


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Use of essential oils at your own risk! For all questions and concerns call us for a free consultation. We are at your disposal!