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Azulene depilatory wax has a low melting point, thus avoiding skin irritations. This wax is intended for sensitive skin because azulene has anti-inflammatory properties. The hair should be at least 2-3 mm long, if they are shaved and 5 mm long for as few repetitions as possible and as little skin irritation as possible.


Why do we love silk, plush, satin?! What could be better than a feeling of cleanliness and smoothness on the skin that can breathe freely


Sugar paste waxing is a much gentler, safer and more advanced method of removing hair from any part of the body.

Sugar paste, which is a mixture of natural ingredients and has no chemical additives, does not irritate the skin, there is no ingrown hairs and hair removal is painless, leaving the skin soft, silky and healthy!

Lycon depilation wax

All the benefits of Lycon depilation wax

  • 70% less pain
  • Removes extremely short hairs
  • The heat is moderate, which means it is not aggressive towards the skin
  • It does not cause redness and pigmentation
  • Allows repeated application, without removing the skin


Price list

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Partial legs depilation 80,00 kn
Whole legs 150,00 kn
Bikini 50,00 - 80,00 kn
Brazilian 90,00 kn
Belly 30,00 - 50,00 kn
Armpit 50,00 kn
Back 80,00 - 120,00 kn
Breast 60,00 - 100,00 kn
Butt 60,00 kn
Arms 50,00 - 80,00 kn
Above the lips 20,00 kn
Chin 30,00 kn
Eyebrows 30,00 kn
Facial depilation 60,00 kn
Sugar or Lycon bikini 120,00 kn
Sugar or Lycon brazilian 150,00 kn
Sugar or Lycon armpit 80,00 kn
Sugar or Lycon brazilian + legs waxing 250,00 kn