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Aqua detox

The Aqua Detox 3500 Medical device has a medical class IIA certificate, certificate no: BB 4 23402 of the Croatian State Institute for Standardization and Metrology.

The Aqua Detox device produces a frequency that gently flows through the body and stimulates all body cells. The result is an achievement of energy balance in the cells, which then work more efficiently and expel toxins that have accumulated in the meantime.

Aqua Detox

Release your life energy and let it flow. Feel clean!

Aqua detox helps with

  • improving circulation
  • increasing energy
  • improving immunity
  • cellulite removal in the first stage of onset
  • regulating blood pressure
  • lowering blood sugar in diabetics
  • reduction of subcutaneous adipose tissue
  • mastopathy
  • pain relief in arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • alleviation of symptoms in gout
  • cleansing the lymph and skin
  • alleviation of neurodermatitis in children
  • in varicose vein problems
  • in addiction to food, drugs and cigarettes.

Price list

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Aqua Detox
Aqua Detox
20.00 €
30 min 20.00 €
Aqua Detox + pedicure
40.00 €
1.30 h 40.00 €
5 Aqua Detox treatments + 1 gratis
HOT 100.00 €
HOT 100.00 €