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Facial treatments

The epidermis consists of 30 cell layers arranged one on top of the other, which renew themselves every month. With the right care program, it is possible to improve the condition of your skin by treating it from day to day. Just as plants respond to regular care, so the skin reacts with a new beauty and healthy look with vitamins and other necessary ingredients.

Regular facial care begins by removing dead skin cells, which accumulate on the surface every day, preparing it to fully accept the product, thus ensuring that its active ingredient is completely absorbed.

Our treatment ends with a gentle facial massage that relaxes your face with a light texture of massage cream or special devices and thus regenerates in a relaxed way. Facial massage stimulates "new blood circulation", and the skin becomes energized and full of radiance.

After our regular cleansing treatment, with monthly maintenance you will be able to maintain the result throughout the year. This is also the secret of many sophisticated women around the world.

The skin types we treat in our SPA studio are

  • dehydrated skin
  • mature skin
  • problematic skin (acne, comedones ...)
  • oily skin
  • sensitive skin
  • wrinkled, tired and gray skin


Dermapen microneedle treatment is a very effective non-surgical method for removing wrinkles and scars, completely without contraindications and any complications.

It is a product designed to rejuvenate the face in a natural way. 

Adjustable microneedles cause vertical stings on the skin below 90 degrees and superficial damage to the skin that encourages its regeneration. This stimulates the proliferation of collagen in fibroblasts, cells that are responsible for producing substances essential for skin healing. Microneedles do not cause actual tissue damage, but our body still reacts to intrusion or penetration. Nerves send electrical impulses that start the healing process and thus increased production of collagen and elastin.

The multiplied structure of collagen thickens the skin and thus fills the existing atrophic scars. This reaction of the body is called neocollagenesis.


Physiological changes caused by the aging process include the formation of wrinkles, reduction of the thickness of the epidermis, atrophy of the skin, blemishes on the skin, loss of elasticity of skin tone. Controlled abrasion of dead skin cells with REVIDERM SKIN PEELER sends a signal to our skin to start creating new cells.

Ideal solution for general skin renewal, atrophied and aged skin, hyperkeratosis (accumulation of stratum corneum), age spots and pigmented lesions, active acne, acne scars, all kinds of scars on the face and body, stretch marks, etc.

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AHA acids - chemical facial peels

  • Stimulates skin regeneration and regeneration, reduces the visibility of scars
  • Wrinkles are reduced and thus a younger look is obtained
  • Pigmentation and hormonal stains fade
  • The formation of comedones is reduced, pores are narrowed
  • General improvement of complexion and reduction of inflammatory processes

At Aroma Studio we use the Mesoestetik brand.

Your skin is alive!

Put a smile on your face... every day!


Dehydrated skin is skin that cracks, peels and wrinkles form early. To maintain the softness, good tone and fresh appearance of the skin, you must deeply hydrate and protect it from drying out from wind, sun, cold and hard water. Water is one of the unavoidable sources of cell life and skin beauty. Humidity balance ensures health.


It is naturally the most vulnerable and least damaged. This can be a genetic cause or an external influence over the years and lack of facial maintenance. Its hydrolipid barrier and natural protection are often reduced, which is why side effects occur when applying cosmetics.


Our skin has a hydrolipid protective film and contains oil and water. When the balance between these two parts is disturbed (the oil content is higher than the water content) then we are talking about oily skin. Its formation is regulated by hormones, and increased secretion is known as “seborrhea”.

The progress made in cosmetology for oily skin and enlarged pores is a thing of the past. Treatments with proven effectiveness and high tolerance to preparations make oily skin more beautiful every day.

We recommend:

  • Dermapen
  • AHA acid
  • Microdermabrasion

These are seborrheic changes in the skin. Damage generated in the sebaceous glands. This aesthetically sometimes painful problem is mostly present in the younger population during puberty. It can also occur over a number of years due to hormonal and nervous problems or poor eating habits. Thanks to combinations of fruit acid treatments, ultrasound and preparations special for oily and impure skin, even the most severe cases can be brought back to normal and kept under control.

We recommend:

  • Dermapen
  • AHA acid
  • Microdermabrasion

The aging process is inherent in all living beings and is manifested at different levels. Over time, the skin begins a degenerative process such as atrophy of the skin layer. It has been proven that external phenomena have a great influence on the rate of aging and this is the cause of the formation of "mature skin" (old skin).

We recommend:

  • Dermapen
  • Microdermabrasion
  • AHA acid

Physiological changes caused by the aging process include the formation of wrinkles, reduction in the thickness of the epidermis, atrophy, blemishes on the skin, loss of elasticity and skin tone.

Retinol is one of the most interesting cosmetic improvements to minimize these phenomena. It is vitamin A in pure form that in an appropriate dose regulates the improvement of many skin functions.

We recommend:

  • Dermapen
  • Microdermabrasion
  • AHA acid

Price list

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Facial treatments
Ultrasonic facial cleansing
40.00 €(301.38 kn)
1.30 h 40.00 €
(301.38 kn)
Ultrasonic facial cleansing
50.00 €(376.73 kn)
2 h 50.00 €
(376.73 kn)
US facial cleansing + AHA acids
60.00 €(452.07 kn)
1.45 h 60.00 €
(452.07 kn)
AHA acids + maderotherapy + spec mask
35.00 €(263.71 kn)
50 min 35.00 €
(263.71 kn)
Facial massage
10.00 €(75.35 kn)
20 min 10.00 €
(75.35 kn)
Face peeling
8.00 €(60.28 kn)
15 min 8.00 €
(60.28 kn)
Radiofrequency + vacuum facial massage + spec mask
55.00 €(414.40 kn)
1 h 55.00 €
(414.40 kn)
Eyebrow coloring
5.00 €(37.67 kn)
5.00 €
(37.67 kn)
Eyebrow shaping - female
6.00 €(45.21 kn)
6.00 €
(45.21 kn)
Eyebrow shaping - male
7.00 €(52.74 kn)
7.00 €
(52.74 kn)
Eyelash coloring
9.00 €(67.81 kn)
9.00 €
(67.81 kn)
Lash lift + filler + eyebrow coloring
30.00 €(226.04 kn)
30.00 €
(226.04 kn)
Brow lift + eyebrow coloring
28.00 €(210.97 kn)
45 min 28.00 €
(210.97 kn)
Lash lift + brow lift
45.00 €(339.05 kn)
1.15 h 45.00 €
(339.05 kn)
Derma Pure Perfection (mikro + čiš lica)
105.00 €(791.12 kn)
105.00 €
(791.12 kn)
Dermapen + microdermabrasion
160.00 €(1205.52 kn)
1.45 h 160.00 €
(1205.52 kn)
Mesoaesthetic chemical peels
65.00 €(489.74 kn)
65.00 €
(489.74 kn)
Face maderotherapy
20.00 €(150.69 kn)
40 min 20.00 €
(150.69 kn)
Derma Pure Perfecion (microdermabrasion, facial cleansing, AHA acids)
105.00 €(791.12 kn)
105.00 €
(791.12 kn)
Aqua Facial
85.00 €(640.43 kn)
1 h 85.00 €
(640.43 kn)
Mikro + AHA + RF 1.45
110.00 €(828.80 kn)
1.45 110.00 €
(828.80 kn)
Ferro magnetic mask + AHA acids
30.00 €(226.04 kn)
45 min 30.00 €
(226.04 kn)
Dermapen+kemijski piling
95.00 €(715.78 kn)
1h 95.00 €
(715.78 kn)
Make up
30.00 €(226.04 kn)
45mi 30.00 €
(226.04 kn)
Dermapen 4+kemijski piling
120.00 €(904.14 kn)
1.15 120.00 €
(904.14 kn)