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Make Up

Beautification products

Their main task is to beautify the skin and lips and to highlight what is beautiful on a woman and to cover up what distorts a person’s appearance. It asks modern decorative products to nurture and protect. It has been established that these products improve the mental and physical condition and that people who use them are better accepted by their environment. Beautification products are divided into make-up foundations, decorative powders, face blushes, eye and eyebrow beautification products and lip beautification products.

Makeup foundations

These products (Foundations) prepare the skin of the face and neck for applying powder and blush. They cover redness, dilated capillaries, pigmentation, depigmentation and minor skin irregularities. They also protect the skin from UV radiation and other harmful effects. That is why they increasingly contain UV filters, skin moisturizers, vitamins and proteins, and the pigments are surface-treated, which gives them good dispersibility and a pleasant effect on the skin.

Foundations can be

  • liquid
  • compact
  • in the form of foam (mousse)

Decorative powders

Decorative powders are mainly intended for the face and décolleté, and to a lesser extent for beautifying the legs. Their purpose is to give a uniform coating to the skin that can cover or reduce the appearance of minor skin imperfections as well as the glow that is characteristic of an oily complexion, or originates from the applied foundation. Decorative powders are produced as powder, compact and liquid.

Face blush

Blushes (Cheek colors or Blush-on products) are beautifying preparations that are applied to the foundation or on a layer of powder, and can also be applied directly to the cheeks. They are made in different shimmery and non-shimmery red, reddish-brown and brown shades. In order to give more cheek tinting possibilities with one preparation, compact blushes and ball-shaped blushes are made in two or more shades. The most common shapes are compact, and we also find them in the form of balls, sticks, paste and foam.


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Eye beauty products

The application of these products emphasizes the eyes and gives them a special expressiveness. Today, this group includes eye shadow, Eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrow pencils and crayons.


These products are applied to the eyelids, especially in the extension of the outer edge of the eyes, which visually increases their beauty and expressiveness. They are made in different shades of blue, purple, brown, gray, green, orange, pink and white. There are glitter and matte eyeshadows.

Drawers of the edges of the eyelids

The products are placed along the edges of the eyelids (along the upper and lower lash line), after applying eye shadow to better emphasize the beauty of the eyes. It is made in the form of liquid, semi-solid and solid products in a wide range of tones from white, blue, green and black.

Eyelash beautification products

Eyelash beautification products generally darken the lashes and give the appearance of higher density and length of lashes. To increase the density of the lashes, mascaras are applied with silk proteins and silk powder, and 3-5% of short natural or synthetic fibers are used to lengthen the lashes, eg Naylon or rayon. fiber. Mascara must not irritate or sensitize, must not harden the lashes or create clumps, and must give the appearance of long, shiny and thick lashes.

Eyebrow products

These products are used to give shape and color to the eyebrows after achieving the desired line by plucking or depilation. They are most often made in the form of pencils and pens (crayon).


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Lip beauty products

Decorative lip products are the most commonly used cosmetics. From ancient times, vegetable dyes and lipstick and cochineal were used for this purpose. Lip beautification products are solutions of colors and dispersions of pigments in a suitable substrate that ensures the desired consistency and favorable properties of the product. They are made in the form of sticks, pens and thick liquid preparations. They are intended to give the lips an attractive appearance, cover imperfections (bumps, limited pigmentation and depigmentation) and correct the shape of the lips. In this way, the naturally beautiful shape of the lips can be emphasized, but a completely new look can be given to the face.

In addition, decorative lip products must, in addition to beautifying, simultaneously nourish and protect the lips. That is why moisturizers (microencapsulated glycerol and collagen, hyaluronic acid, amino acids), vitamins A, C, E and provitamin ß-carotene, UV filters and anti-inflammatory substances (chamomile extracts, allantoin) are added to these products today.


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