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Pedicure and manicure

Pedicure (foot care)

Foot care is needed by an increasing number of people (both men and women) because well-groomed feet are also a sign of a well-groomed body.

If they knew how many serious diseases could be prevented, people would pay more attention to their feet. Many spinal injuries are partly caused by the wrong loads due to neglected and deformed feet. With a balanced beauty and health program, from peels to masks and massages, foot care gives you an absolute sense of satisfaction.

Manicure (hand care)

Hands, and especially nails, show how much a woman and a man take care of themselves and what their lifestyle is like. Some things are always in fashion and so is a manicured and groomed hand.

Permanent varnish - CALGEL

No disintegration of the natural nail, the gel does not burn in the UV lamp, no disintegration when removing the gel, dissolves in liquid (15 min), no cracking of the nail, nails are flexible, no lifting gel, gel does not contain acid, nails are thin and look natural .

Nail Art

The secret to success is to have your own style. Classic style never dies; classics can be creative and innovative if a little imagination is added.

Beauty is "contagious"

Holding on to ourselves means believing in ourselves, loving ourselves, and only such can we create, help others and win.

Acrylic (artificial nails)

Acrylic - technique of installing artificial nails.

Try something new, light and above all firm on your nails without destroying them at the same time.

The installation of artificial nails is a long-term job that lasts about 2 hours and requires great effort, precision and top quality products that we use during installation. These are firm and inflexible nails whose longevity is unquestionable, and cracking is reduced to a minimum.

The result is new nails without a burning sensation or any pain during polymerization. Professional treatments, technology and nail preparations will, with perfect care, give beauty and a tidy look.

AHA hand acids

A specific hand care program that allows us to restore flexibility and radiance to the skin, reduce the visibility of depigmentation on the hands, reduce wrinkles and visible skin damage. Extremely good program for badly damaged hands or if you want to have flawless hands for a special occasion.

Paraffin bath

Paraffin bath with beeswax and the scent of roses or the scent of grapes and melons. Intended for intensive care, moisturizing and stimulating deep skin cleansing.

After the treatment, the skin is extremely soft and smooth. Paraffin bath is best applied after a manicure and thorough cleansing of the skin on the hands, which includes peeling dead epidermal cells (peeling).

Price list

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Hand and foot care
Aesthetic Russian pedicure 1 h 180,00 kn
Medical pedicure 1 h 200,00 kn
Pedicure + antifungus gel 1.15 h 220,00 kn
Russian manicure 45 min 120,00 kn
Nail decoration nokat 10,00 kn
French style 100,00 kn
Paraffin for hands and feet 20 min 80,00 kn
Russian manicure + paraffin 1.15 h 140,00 kn
AHA hand acids 20 min 100,00 kn
Acrylic nail installation technique 300,00 kn
Refill 200,00 - 250,00 kn
Nail art acrylic nails 350,00 kn
Nail dissolution 80,00 kn
Acrylic nail decoration nokat 25,00 kn
Permanent nail polish 200,00 kn
Permanent varnish legs 1 h 180,00 kn
Aesthetic pedicure + permanent nail polish 250,00 kn
Permanent nail polish french style 220,00 kn
Permanent nail polish Baby Boomer 230,00 kn