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Classic aroma massage

With a classic massage, we break down myogelosis - harmful substances that the body excretes due to stress and physical exertion, and whose accumulations press on the nerves and interfere with the flow of blood to the brain.This massage successfully treats structural changes in muscles, improper posture, drowsiness, chronic fatigue and nervousness, and due to aromatic oils it has a double effect because 100% pure essential oils penetrate deep into the body and improve physical and emotional state.

Intuitive aroma massage

It deeply relaxes and allows the body to remember its natural way of communicating, how to maintain health, how to stay young and supple, and how to defend itself from haste, overload and stress.

Large amounts of essential oils in this massage are used instead of pressure and a deep relaxation is achieved, a radical improvement of the psychophysical condition and immunity. Oils are selected intuitively by the client.

Raindrop & Vitaflex technique

Ancient Indian massage combined with the Vitaflex foot massage technique.


No strong pressure, kneading or any form of spinal manipulation is used. The gentle action of the oil brings surprising results to the very posture of the spine. The Raindrop technique is based on the theory that many types of scoliosis and other spinal deformities are caused by a virus or bacterium inhabiting along the spinal cord.

These pathogens create inflammation that affects the position of the spine. Research has shown that herpes often takes root near the spinal ganglia, and there awaits a drop in immunity in order to activate it. We know that stress creates an acidic state in the body just like consuming unhealthy foods. Aromatic molecules of essential oils, if applied to the body, will be absorbed into the bloodstream, which helps the body reduce internal acidity.

As the human body ages, it accumulates toxins in the tissues. Accumulated toxins weaken the body's energy, which affects poor health and the development of degenerative diseases and allergies. The application of essential oils cleanses the body of heavy metals that poison our blood.

After raindrop, the body strengthens, and especially the liver recovers. It is important to note that essential oils bring oxygen to the cells, and we know that a cell without oxygen cannot live normally. , energization and increased elasticity of the spine or the whole body.


It means "vitality through reflexes".

Vitaflex is the dripping of oil on the connecting points of the body and the healing energy is released through electrical impulses generated by the contact of the fingertips and reflex points. This releases energy blockage caused by toxins, damaged tissue or lack of oxygen.

The strongest technique in applied aromatherapy due to the use of large amounts of undiluted pure essential oils.

Aromatherapy massage

Light movements and weak pressures are complemented by essential oils - compounds that have the status of natural remedies. The combination of oils to be used is determined individually depending on the problems and needs of the clients.

Hot Shells

It literally means hot shell. It is a type of massage in which hot shells massage the body, and which are self-heating. Such a treatment enriched with essential oils improves blood circulation and helps to expel toxins from the body, and is extremely relaxing and relaxing due to the heat.

Hot Chocolate Massage

Massage with top quality chocolate oils whose active ingredients are cocoa oils, almond oil and shea butter have a special lipoid effect on the skin. The experience of the heat of the oil and the stimulating effect of the special massage is unique and irreplaceable. Cocoa has more than 300 compounds with beneficial and protective effects on the skin.

Some stimulate the release of endorphins and enhance theta brain waves that relax and soothe, while antioxidants remove free radicals responsible for skin aging processes. Chocolate oils strengthen tired skin without tone, restore relaxed contours and give the skin freshness and a youthful appearance.


Foot massage that treats depression, fatigue, insomnia, dizziness, headaches, stomach pain and problems caused by improper functioning of the kidneys, heart and other organs. Pressing acupressure (reflex and energy) points on the soles and toes acts on the organs connected to these centers, nerve fibers via the body meridians.

Ayurvedic head and scalp massage

It is one of the most effective forms of relaxation massage. The scalp moves across the skull by pressing the fingertips. This improves local blood flow and promotes deep relaxation, and due to the large amount of oil, this is an excellent way to maintain hair; stimulates the scalp and relieves tension.

Body treatments

Thermal therapy for back pain

For your sore and stiff back (due to spondylosis, lordosis, disc herniation) that cause headaches, migraines, dizziness and loss of energy, try our new treatments with thermal mud, thermal salts, ultrasound, and aroma (medical) massage, and we guarantee successful healing.

Thermal mud treatment

The difference in the treatment of the whole body or partial treatment is due to the fact that in the second case thermal activities act on specific areas in a very short time. Partial treatment of mud-bermuda on specific areas (hips and buttocks) stimulates and improves these parts of the body. Localized action of thermal active substances helps with relaxed tissue, cellulite and fluid retention. The treatment consists of applying mud to the area of the skin and buttocks, which leads to stimulation of liplization, circulation, and purification from harmful metabolites in severe stages of cellulite.

Specific indications

  • for area-specific drainage treatment
  • for shaping and fitting legs
  • to break down cellulite tissue
  • to activate tired tissue with reduced external circulation

Price list

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Sports or medical aroma massage 1 h 35.00 €
(263.71 kn)
Aroma relax massage 1. 30h 45.00 €
(339.05 kn)
Sports or medical aroma massage 45 30.00 €
(226.04 kn)
Aroma relax massage 30 20.00 €
(150.69 kn)
Sports or medical aroma massage 45 min 35.00 €
(263.71 kn)
Partial sport aroma massage 1.30 50.00 €
(376.73 kn)
Intuitive aroma massage (relaxing, anti-stress) 1.30 h 40.00 €
(301.38 kn)
Reflexology massage (foot massage) 45 min 25.00 €
(188.36 kn)
Raindrop and vitaflex technique (strongest treatment in AT) 1.30 h 40.00 €
(301.38 kn)
Ayurvedic head and scalp massage (anti-stress and relaxing) 30 min 15.00 €
(113.02 kn)
Anti-cellulite massage 45 min 35.00 €
(263.71 kn)
Hot chocolate massage 1 h 40.00 €
(301.38 kn)
Thermal therapy for back pain 1.30 h 40.00 €
(301.38 kn)
Hot Tiger shells (hot shells) massage 1 h 40.00 €
(301.38 kn)
Ultrasound therapy + sports back massage 45 min 30.00 €
(226.04 kn)
Radiofrequency + vacuum massage + sports back massage 1 h 40.00 €
(301.38 kn)
Aroma bath + aroma relax massage 1.30 45.00 €
(339.05 kn)
Peeling + aroma bath + aroma relax massage 2.30 h 60.00 €
(452.07 kn)
Cupping therapy 1h 30.00 €
(226.04 kn)
Rf 15 min+ medicinska masaza ledja 45 min 35.00 €
(263.71 kn)
Vakuum 15min+medicinsa masaza ledja 45 35.00 €
(263.71 kn)
BOLNA LEDJA( rf+vakuum+masaza) 1h 40.00 €
(301.38 kn)
Paket UZ+LEDJA 5+1gratis 150.00 €
(1130.18 kn)
Medicinska mas cijelo tijelo i ultrazvuk 1.15 45.00 €
(339.05 kn)
Medic masaža u paru 1.30 (gratis kupka 2.15 90.00 €
(678.11 kn)